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Making Better use of Energy Performance of Buildings Data

From June 2016, the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) will be making data held on the domestic and non-domestic Energy Performance of Buildings Registers for buildings in England and Wales more widely available.  Address level records for data held since 1 October 2008 will be published on

A copyright notice will accompany the data advising that use of the data is subject to conditions, which include prohibiting re-use of the addresses for other purposes.

DCLG recognises that holders of energy certificates may have concerns about information relating to their building being made public.  In the spirit of processing data fairly, DCLG is giving holders of energy certificates the opportunity to decide whether to opt-out before data is released from June 2016 onwards.  If so, holders of energy certificates must opt-out before the end of June 2016.  It will also be possible to opt-out from future releases.  The option of opting-out is not available to holders of Display Energy Certificates.

Holders of Energy Performance Certificates and Air Conditioning Inspection Reports may opt-out by visiting:

To opt-out the owner or tenant of the building will be required to answer a number of compulsory questions on the opt-out web page, including providing the 20 digit report reference number (RRN) of the energy certificate being opted-out.  An automatic email will then be sent to confirm the opt-out and the owner or tenant will need to verify the opt-out by clicking the link within this e-mail.